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an empowered mother

An empowered mother is a strong mother.

Not because of the way she weathers the storm, but because she takes that storm, makes it her own, and turns it into something beautiful.

this is YOUR journey

show up with passion - become the change

June 2005

the very beginning

My journey into motherhood begins, and quite frankly, it's terrible! This is like nothing else. There's no glow, no radiance, no dreamy nesting phase... just an absolutely unrelenting darkness.

January 2007

round two

The first pregnancy was terrible, but motherhood - sensational! I can manage another pregnancy, now that I know how good it will be once baby arrives. Famous last words...


dark times

I thought we were through the worst of this now. I no longer have 'postnatal depression' because my kids are too old, but I'm not coping. My marriage is breaking down. I'm in a very, very dark place.

February 2010

ready for change

In my quest for change I finally settle on something constructive instead of destructive, and jump head first into study. Science, maths, academic writing - I've never done anything like this before.

September 2010

earthquake round one

This was scary as hell. There's really no other way to describe it. It also added a extra layer of stress to all the other things I was already worrying about.

December 2010

cardiac arrest

My hubby dropped dead at work. Literally. He's OK now, he just needed a new heart valve, to replace the one he didn't know was faulty. This was a tough time. For hubby physically, for me mentally.

January 2011

medical imaging

My year of study paid off, and I surprised myself - I've never considered myself an intelligent person. Now my degree starts, and this feels like real change. Real life changing change.

February 2011

earthquake round two

Now this is life changing change. Destruction everywhere, and although we didn't see it at the time, it also triggered the struggles that our girl faced with her mental health.

February-April 2012

away from home

My weekdays are away from my family. Full time work in clinical practice has taken me out of town, although I'm one of the lucky ones that still gets to work close enough to come home every weekend.

June 2013

this is breaking me

The home straight for academic work. Final exams, final theory assessments. The pressure is massive and the cracks aren't just showing, they're turning in gaping caverns. I actually think I might break.

December 2013

achieved...or not

I've got my degree, and worked hard for it too! And all those extra hours I worked as an assistant. They said it would benefit me when it came time to get a job...except it didn't, and I feel like a failure. Again.


becoming advocate

My kids are struggling. Girl child with an eating disorder, boy child with learning challenges and a school system he doesn't fit into. Society's solution? Apply labels - Fussy and Naughty, those work well...

December 2017

the seeds have been sown

I've caught up with my friend and she's just sowed the seeds of possibility in my mind. Not just any possibility though, it's the kind that only comes when you put yourself into service for others.

February 2018

moving up

Ultrasound. I have the training position, I've done the exams. I'm moving up, career advancement is happening, but it's not right. I don't fit here, the's too harsh. For me, it's toxic.

May 2019

my decision to make

It's inevitable, because 'life' is taking up too much space in my mind. They say I must live and breathe only ultrasound - I don't accept that, and I won't be pushed out. I resign. That is my decision to make.

July 2019

and the wheels fall off

I'd say the wheels have come off, but they're actually so far gone I can't be sure I even had them to begin with. Self reflection is due, and it takes over my world completely.

August 2019

the idea is born

I know that to change I must grow, and to grow I must be uncomfortable, and right now being vulnerable is the most uncomfortable thing I could be. So I do it, and Mama Love Collective is born.

October 2019

the day that changed my life

I'm proactive with my mental health, so I'm back in the psychiatrist's office after a very tough few months, and she says that one thing that will literally change my life - "I believe you have ADHD".

November 2019

more coming soon...

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Reviews about support boxes and products


Hanmer Springs

Hey lovely! Ok so I'm not super into sleep assisstance, I don't love the smell of lavender. BUT! I'm swearing by your sleep oil! I'm sleeping more deeply and falling asleep easier and staying asleep! It's a gentle but heavenly scent. THANK YOU!



Becs your parcel arrived - MY GOODNESS I'M SO SPOILT!!!!! What a beautiful set with beautiful touches. Thank you for making my day.


Hanmer Springs

Hey Bec, thank you so much for our gorgeous gifts! They are stunning and the packaging is just gorgeous, you are so sweet, they smell divine I can't wait to use them :)



Just received my first order of the roll on oil blends. Have to say I'm new to this game...But boy oh boy am I impressed! Can't wait to reorder for myself and friends. P.S. my daughters love their rollers xx

love for...

Reviews about the Smile Project


Hawkes Bay

Am so grateful to have been able to nominate a friend who needed some ‘mama love’. A beautiful gift box arrived at a time she really needed it, her wee one is due to have a massive surgery soon and the stress and worry that goes along in the lead up to that can really take its toll on everyone.

She messaged me once it arrived and said it really brightened her day. Was so nice to be able to do something special while living in different parts of the country. To let her know that I was thinking of her, and that she has not only my support but the The Mama Love Collective team.

These moments of love and kindness really shape us, receiving a selfless gift of love makes huge ripples in our world.

Thank you Bec for offering this service to mamas x you are amazing ♥︎


The Motherhood Project

The Mama Love Collective is so beautiful. Becs is one of those mothers you instantly feel at ease with. Becs isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and reach out if it means she is helping others. What she is doing with Mama Love Collective is admirable. If you know a mum who needs a smile – send them Becs' way. Amazing Mama Love Collective!


The Kite Program

Becs has created this beautiful platform from her own experiences and wants to make a difference to women who are struggling. I know she will make a big difference to those she touches through Mama Love Collective.

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my story - chapter four
my story - chapter four

By Rebecca Watson on Aug 02, 2020

Mark would hold my hand while everyone was preparing. They put a blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter on me. The psychiatrist would put a conducting gel on the crown of my head and on the right side just above my ear, then the electrodes (I think that's what they are called...?) were put on over the gel.

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my story - chapter three
my story - chapter three

By Rebecca Watson on Aug 02, 2020

I was in and out of the unit a few times, I can't remember how many, because I always thought I would be able to cope at home (which I didn't), and it was during one of these periods of outpatient treatment that it was decided that I would undergo electro-convulsive therapy (ECT).

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stacey kale - chapter three
stacey kale - chapter three

By Rebecca Watson on Aug 02, 2020

Instagram has a huge community of prem and medically fragile parents. Following them gave me hope. It connected me to a community of mums who knew what it felt like to sit in a hospital chair and touch your babies through incubator doors. Simon often says that sharing our journey has been a positive out of a really hard situation.

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