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our story

Motherhood requires support. It is simply not something you should have to do alone.

Regardless of your age, social status, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else - every mother is entitled to her own village of support.

hey mama!

The memories I create as I stroll through motherhood...I was going to say I'll look back on them fondly (and I'm sure I will) but right now, I feel like it's all just a bit foggy to be honest.

That's probably because technically I'm not strolling - I'm running, no not running...I'm SPRINTING!

Except I seem to have entered the wrong race...?

Sprints are short right? But I seem to be running a marathon - sprinting a marathon!

And who the hell puts hurdles in a MARATHON!!?

hey mama!
hey mama!

it's time

Finding a way to support other mums is something I have thought about often during my own struggles as parent, and but the reality has always been that there is so much that can be done, and I just never knew where to start.

With my own kids getting older and life becoming (only slightly) less frantic, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and just start – I started sharing my thoughts, sharing my stories, sharing my wins and sharing my fails, and I very quickly realised that is exactly what other mums need and want to hear.

From those initial posts on Instagram, when being so vulnerable made me want to run and hide, Mama Love Collective has grown, and has very rapidly taken on a life all of its own.

why a collective?

While the idea of a Collective was originally related to me bringing Kiwi businesses together to create support boxes for struggling mums, it has actually come to mean so much more.

Right now, for me, a collective is a symbolic linking of arms, and a joining of hearts and minds, with the purpose of empowering mums to find strength, making mum-life just that little bit easier.

Hand illustrated image of a woman sitting on her be in bra and knickers showing her curves, her stretch marks, and all her 'imperfections'. She has flowers on her hair. This is one of the confidence card illustrated by Keren from Keren Elise Creative.
why a collective?