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smile project

Mama Love Collective's charity initiative that is helping Kiwi mums find their smile.

giving back

Smile Project really embodies what my original vision was for Mama Love Collective, and it's all based around me giving back.

I had a lot of support when I was at my lowest, after my son was born, and I'm very aware that, sadly, not everyone does.

Enter Smile Project - my personal mission to bring smiles to mums who are facing challenges that make them feel as though they don't have many reasons to smile at all.

giving back

details and numbers

Smile Project by Mama Love Collective is an initiative that gifts support packages to New Zealand mothers who are struggling with their mental health and well-being.

Currently, every time you make a purchase with Mama Love Collective I donate a portion of the profit to fund the support packages. In the near future there will also be an option to sponsor a support package, if that is something you want to do.

As Mama Love Collective continues to grow, the Smile Project will too. Currently the contributions to the Smile Project are as follows:

- Online store sales - 20% of after tax profit
- Market sales - 20% or 50% of after tax profit
- Selected Mama Love Collective branded products - 50% of after tax profit
- Smile Project branded products - 100% of after tax profit


upcoming markets

Selwyn Twilight Market, Sunday August 15th - 50% of after tax profit to the Smile Project.

The Christmas Country Fete, Thursday October 29th - 20% of after tax profit to the Smile Project.

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Photo credit - Stacey Kale